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Welcome to the Frontpage
Geokart-International, Ltd.

Geokart-International Ltd. Company is operating on the Polish market since 1989. During the whole period of our activity, the work of modern, highly skilled staff, which is using the recent technological innovations make it possible to achieve many successes and strengthen our high position on the market.
Thanks to using the innovative solutions and work with the most modern equipment and technologies our company is at the forefront of the companies and specializes in the following kinds of activities, which are carried out for domestic as well as foreign clients from Germany, France and Libya:

  • geodesy
  • cartography
  • printing and DTP
  • infrastructure design

Major client of ours e.g.:
  • The Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography
  • The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture
  • Voivodeship Offices
  • Marshall’s Offices
  • Poviat Authorities
  • Commercial companies

Since 2011, Geokart - International Ltd. has became the majority shareholder in the Company geodesic: O.P.G.K Ltd. in Lublin.

Following the conclusion of an agreement on 26.01.2011, the package was acquired 85% of shares of the Treasury - the owner of the O.P.G.K Ltd. in Lublin.

In 2013, the Company employed 102 people.

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