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In the course of the geodetic works dynamic and creative team of professionals is able to meet all requirement of the clients. We are carrying out the works, which are commissioned by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, Voivodeship Offices, Marshal’s Offices and Poviat Authorities. We cooperate also with many commercial companies as well as with the renowned universities.

During carrying out of the entrusted works we are using the most modern technological solutions, using surveying equipment such as: GPS RTK Trimble 5800, 5700, SPS 882, electronic total stations with internal data registering and digital level.

We also execute digital elaborations with geodetic software, which is popular on the Polish market and also with the applications,which are not so common, providing a lossless transition between them. For specialized works we compile our own applications,which are created by specialists and users, thanks that we achieve the high level of quality and usefulness and on the other side we minimalize the level of operation’s complication.

For office works we use high quality equipment such as plotter HP DesigneJet 4500 or table scanner Vidar Select P36.

During the carrying out of the works we use the photogrammetry technologies.

We execute all surveying works including the most responsible in the range of:

  • design, establishment and execution of ground control network
  • geodezja
  • digital basic maps
  • maps for design purposes
  • cadastre of parcels and buildings
  • surveying for industrial structure, setting out of roads and highways
  • cross profiles of rivers
  • inventory of any utilities and power transmission nets
  • establishment of the database of the Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS)
  • surface control of farms
  • photogrammetric elaborations
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